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Another Adventure [night blogging about the future]

I’ve only been on one big, life-changing adventure so far (one is a pretty good number for a 19-year-old) but now I am set up for the next big thing…I’m going to school in Germany!! I never ever dreamed of going to Germany. I never even thought of traveling as a passion until a year ago when I went to Europe by myself. It’s all so random for me. My sister always talked about how she wanted to go to Spain and speak Spanish 24/7 and I just listened with excitement for her. But I never thought about it as an actual exciting thing. Last year, I was signed up for college, but at the last minute I couldn’t do it. I simply couldn’t do something if my whole heart wasn’t in it. But that trip last year felt right and still feels right, & the school I’m going to in September is exactly what I need. It’s called Marriage of the Arts, it’s a part of YWAM, and my focus is going to be on photography. I called the school at 4:30 am and one of the first things they told me was that there is a darkroom and that we get to go on little trips to take photos. I hopped around and smiled at work that day for how excited I was. These past few months have been really hard with searching for what I should do in the Fall. & I don’t know why I was surprised, but the day before I registered for the classes at a college in Seattle that I wasn’t wholeheartedly into, I decided to go to Marriage of the Arts. Once again, I will be leaving my job to turn that money into euros and have an adventure!!


I have this tree on my wall that my friend Kayla drew when I moved into the upstairs room & I just figured out what I’ll use it for: A travel tree representing all my solo adventures.

photo-1 photo

This is where I’ll try to post my photography from the 6 months I’ll be gone. So please keep up with it because I think it’ll be some exciting stuff! I might put some on too. Just cuz I’m kind of addicted to the web.

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