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Found Photos Project

I’m thinking of starting to buy disposable cameras and taking one picture of a sign that says, “this is Sarah Fraga’s camera, send any pictures to this website _____ to be a part of my Found Photos Project.” and put them around town!

Anyways, I got two disposable cameras at a yard sale in San Francisco. Here are the photos that the mystery people took. Some of them are so beautiful and they make me think of what was going on while taking these photos.  (P.S. Definitely let me know if you were the owner of these camera’s at one point!!)

0651888068001 0651888072001 0651888080001 0651888073001 232323232%7Ffp438%3A3%3Enu%3D3883%3E%3A%3B%3A%3E2%3C6%3E2974%3A%3B%3A3%3B7233ot1lsi 232323232%7Ffp43854%3Enu%3D3883%3E%3A%3B%3A%3E2%3C3%3E2974%3A%3B%3A3%3B4233ot1lsi 232323232%7Ffp437%3C8%3Enu%3D3883%3E%3A%3B%3A%3E2%3B%3A%3E2974%3A%3B%3A3%3A%3B233ot1lsi 232323232%7Ffp43882%3Enu%3D3883%3E%3A%3B%3A%3E2%3B4%3E2974%3A%3B%3A3%3A5233ot1lsi 232323232%7Ffp43843%3Enu%3D3883%3E%3A%3B%3A%3E2%3C8%3E2974%3A%3B%3A3%3B9233ot1lsi 232323232%7Ffp43874%3Enu%3D3883%3E%3A%3C3%3E732%3E2974%3A%3C3823233ot1lsi 232323232%7Ffp4389%3A%3Enu%3D3883%3E%3A%3C3%3E733%3E2974%3A%3C3824233ot1lsi 232323232%7Ffp43839%3Enu%3D3883%3E%3A%3C3%3E735%3E2974%3A%3C3826233ot1lsi 232323232%7Ffp4385%3A%3Enu%3D3894%3E73%3A%3E688%3E298573%3A779233ot1lsi 232323232%7Ffp43862%3Enu%3D3894%3E782%3E662%3E2985782753233ot1lsi 232323232%7Ffp43886%3Enu%3D3883%3E%3A%3B%3A%3E295%3E2974%3A%3B%3A386233ot1lsi 232323232%7Ffp437%3B5%3Enu%3D3883%3E%3A%3C3%3E737%3E2974%3A%3C3828233ot1lsi 232323232%7Ffp43855%3Enu%3D3894%3E446%3E3%3B9%3E29854464%3A%3A233ot1lsi 232323232%7Ffp43833%3Enu%3D3894%3E786%3E356%3E2985786447233ot1lsi 0651888080001

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