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Abandoned Factory/Color Film

This weekend we went to an abandoned factory, in a town over called Berthelsdorf (I think). One of the photography leaders, Taylor, took us and showed us this building that used to be a light bulb factory. It’s only a 15 minute walk from my apartment, so I can go back anytime I want to take pictures or to just be there. I fell in love with the building on the spot. There was moss on the floor, glass everywhere, broken windows, graffiti (a lot of the graffiti done by YWAM-ers). This place is now used for a graffiti, drugs/drinking place for teenagers and whoever, but we just went to explore and take pictures. It would be cool to get some spray paint though..

_DSC0225 aliendoor

my favorite window
my favorite window

bwwindow catsdogs clouds floor lacewindow lighting plants texture

the clouds looked unreal
the clouds looked unreal

Now here is some color film, taken in the field across the street from school. My film lens is semi-broken, so I had to use my digital, which gave it a vignette. The pictures aren’t quality enough to use for my assignment, but I like them anyways. One of the pictures for the assignment had to use fast shutter speed, so we just put music on and she danced to show fast shutter speed. The girl in them is Alexa from California, who lives in the room next to mine.

sarah fraga003

these pictures don't show how beautiful this field is, but it reminds us all of Sound of Music
these pictures don’t show how beautiful this field is, but it reminds us all of Sound of Music
"holding" a tree
“holding” a tree

sarah fraga007

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