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An attempt at explaining what I’ve been doing the past 5 months.

I guess I tend to do self portraits in front of trees. Check out the “About” section of the blog to see what I mean.

I’ve been procrastinating this blog post. I even thought about just skipping over it because it’s too much to explain. But I did make this blog to document life and to figure out what I want to do with photography, and if I didn’t write about my past 5 months, then this would just be a shell of a project.

I haven’t updated in about 5 months. Honestly, I’ve had time to write, but I’m still processing what’s been going on and still deciding what to do with my photos that I’ve taken. The last thing I posted about was Hamburg. That was our mini-outreach, and on December 4th, me and 16 other people left for the 2.5 month outreach in the U.A.E. and India. We got back on February 13th, and then…

On March 6th, I graduated from a Youth With a Misson (YWAM) school in Herrnhut, Germany called Marriage of the Arts. The school has 7 art tracks: Photography, Music, Handmade, Video, Writing, Fine Art, and Graphic Design. There is a 3-month lecture phase of teaching and 2.5 months of outreach, where we use what we learned in different parts of the world.

The main reason I went to the school was to figure out how I can use photography to serve others, and combine it with the call we have to share Jesus’ love with the whole world. It might sound like a big thing to figure out in six months, combining the meaning of life with my passion, but I soon realized that it’s not hard when both of them are your passion. It’s as easy as taking someone’s photo and telling them they’re beautiful.

Photography and a need of more joy and love and peace and the growing seriousness of needing more of Jesus in my life is what brought me to the school. People had kept telling me that going to YWAM would make me a different person. I thought this meant that going on outreach and seeing a third world country would change me. Meeting the beautiful people from India and the United Arab Emirates, and feeling God’s love for them did probably change me in someway. But the part that will stick with me forever is looking back on my life and seeing how God was there with me through it all, protecting me and giving me grace when I needed it. And then thinking about all the people in the world and knowing that He does the same for them everyday and wants to know every single one of us is just too amazing and mind blowing for me to not let it change me.. [Love God and love people.] We’ve had “love God and love others” painted around the border of our backdoor since I was about 10. They’re the two most important commandments in the Bible, and now I’m working everyday to make them my top priorities. & It’s amazing how simple Jesus made it for us, yet He throws such exciting stuff our way. For example, bringing me to Germany and India! I never had a desire to go to Germany or the United Arab Emirates, but I did always want to go to India. And in all places God met me there and never left me hanging, showing me how there is beauty in every country.


I didn’t begin writing this with the intention of going on about love & Jesus & all that…but like one of our teachers said, “If you love something you can’t shut up about it.”

I wanted to try and make a short description of what I’ve been doing. I guess I didn’t even get that far. But if you want to know more about the specifics of the school or what India and the U.A.E were like, email me at!

Photos will be up soon!


2 thoughts on “An attempt at explaining what I’ve been doing the past 5 months.

  1. Sarah! I am so proud to know you. Your literary description is simple and profound. Way to go, sometimes it takes a lot of work to simplify our lives so we can discover what inspires us! Live the adventure 🙂


    1. Jenn, thank you!! I’m glad you understood it, sometimes I feel like I don’t make sense. & that’s true; it sounds like a contradiction to work hard to simplify, but it’s true lol
      If you’re in town I’d like to hang out soon! 🙂


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