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Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life (Northern India)

This past December I was in Rajasthan, India. Whenever I brought up this state to Indians, the first thing they said was always, “Oh, the desert” or they laughed and said to be prepared for the worst. I was blown away by how much I loved Rajasthan and how much I want to go back.

These photos are from a small town called Marwar Junction. It is called that, because it is an “in-between” town between two larger train stations. But this place is much more than that – I couldn’t have imagined my trip to India without this place and the people there. We walked through this neighborhood everyday for two weeks, and there was always something going on to take a picture of. We got to know children from the school and their families. Most of the families owned shops that we right down from where we were staying. We were hosted by the principal of the school and his family, who were incredible people. They were so generous with taking care of us and with letting us have a place to rest every afternoon.

Marwar Junction was a like dreamland for me. It felt like we were on a movie set because tt was basically the epitome of what comes to mind when I guessed what India was like. The houses were colorful and the narrow streets looked the same everywhere. From one rooftop of a home you could see everybody else’s rooftops and courtyards. There were cows around every corner, sometimes I caught myself unaware that they were walking beside me. My focus was usually on the people sitting by the doorway, smiling as we passed, or on my feet so that I wouldn’t step in cow dung. The shops were full to the ceiling, leaving no space wasted. Men and woman sat on the floor of their shops, on beautiful rugs and fabric that were handmade and ready to sell. Motorcycles were constantly honking and children were always asking us our name and where we were going.

My favorite thing about this neighborhood was how alive it was and how there were always children running around with each other, looking for adventure. Here are some photos that I captured from Marwar Junction.

_DSC0698 _DSC0838 _DSC0837 _DSC0843 _DSC0964

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