Photography · Writing

The Beauty of It

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

I started doing something new

Starting with the way I wake up

I open my eyes and begin my search

It’s different this time because I know I’ll find what I’m looking for

Instead of getting to the bottom it

I’m getting to the beauty of it

It’s so much easier this way

The bottom is unreachable, but I can step in any direction & bump into something beautiful

I no longer need answers to the question of the day

Just truths that will stay

I wake up and let this feeling carry me

If there’s something different in my eyes

It’s because I’ve let go of lies

& can’t s

& shouldn’t s

It’s growing on me

This capability

I sign my name with a new knowledge

That I am here, and things are different because of that

The walls in my home know my strength when I speak honesty to the silence without flinching

My pillows know the power inside of me when I lay my head down and dream dreams that I intend to see

So, isn’t it time I let everyone else know what I’ve found

That there is beauty in the blue

Peace in the rage

And that maybe I have gotten to the bottom of it

& found that I am brave

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