let the light in
let the light in
nothing’s too dark to
let the light kiss

The sun & the clouds were doing something magical today & I happened to walk right into it. I feel like I finally understand what photographers mean when they talk about lightening. It ruins or makes a photo. Before I kinda nodded and thought I knew what they meant, but today I really experienced it! I watched as it danced over the water and how it drew attention to certain plants. Nature’s spotlight. I enjoyed the show 🙂

(little fun detail: Drove to this place listening to Chris Stapleton, & driving back listening to Taylor Swift wondering if “1989” got a Grammy because it sure deserves one! Funny that I was hoping she got one and not Mr. Stapleton…what can I say, her songs have had my heart since I was 16.)

Also, you may notice these photos are more edited than my usual style- trying something new.

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