Songs of Love, Hawaii, & Dolphins

I’ll always be singin a song & listening for one.

Being open, learning to tune my heart by ear.

I’ll keep my eyes on love, watching to see what chord it’s gonna play next.

What a beautiful mystery, yet well known journey.

Feelin the feels that life is beautiful. I’ll always have this rose-colored view on life, grounded in truth and wisdom. A conundrum that I love to find the balance in.

Speaking of life & beauty & journeys..after my two month-ish trip to Europe, I’ll be going to HAWAII! Specially a YWAM base called YWAM Ships Kona.

Over a year ago, one of their staff members saw my blog (this little tiny blog!!!) & I got invited to come volunteer & help with their communications department. I almost went..but something inside me wasn’t ready to say yes completely. But now, I am ready to say yes! (There’s much more to this story, & feel free to ask me if you wanna know!!)

I’ll be going there for at least two months, helping out with media/communications/whatever else is needed. I’ll learn more when I get there, but a little info: the base is a port where they send ships off to serve isolated islands with health care & more. From one shore to another, I’ll keep singing my song of love! 💛 & hopefully see tons of dolphins!! I love dolphins 🙂

I was processing to my Pigtail Praise worship team (yes, that’s our name), & I felt overwhelmed with how much I love people but have a hard time expressing my heart with words. Like, out loud words. So, a lot of times doing actions & helping for nothing in return is a really great way for me to express love. Putting all my built up compassion and love into actions. & I think going to serve this mission in Hawaii will be a great way for me to do that! Alright. Thanks if you read this. Love & love ❤

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