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It’s been a good while. I thought I would update people on how life is in Hawaii.

I came here to YWAM Ships Kona because I got invited to help out as a volunteer in the Communications department. & I’m convinced the communications department is the best place to work on the base. Everyone in there is simply amazing. I really admire how they have dedicated their life to getting the word out about what Ship’s does and ultimately, Jesus. If I had any doubts about coming, seeing the work I’m invited to come along and help with quickly made me realized that I’m honored to be here. That I can learn a thing or 5 from these people. They’re also all really good at their craft, it inspires me to be more proactive with my creativity. & I gotta mention how the creativity in the room allows for humor that makes my soul come alive! Anyways, it’s only been about a month but I’m a big fan of them. Also, the office is one of the only offices with A/C, so there’s that 🙂

So what I get to help with in Communications: Right now we’re working on a book of testimonies. Collecting stories of healing and miracles & putting them into a book that will encourage whoever reads it. I’m really happy I’ve come at a time when this is happening- I love writing & hearing people’s stories. I feel it’s a gift from God that I get to help with it. I also get to help with Social Media! So far that has been taking photos of what’s happening around campus and helping pick out photos for the Instagram @ywamships_kona and editing them to fit the layout.

And what YWAM Ships is: It’s a headquarters for the ships that are anchored in isolated islands like Papau New Guinea and the Marshall Islands. There are actually no ships here in Kona, which was a surprise and slight disappointment for me. But they do have a sailboat that I get to go on soon, to document training on it! Being a headquarters, there is Fleet Support here and we are resource to the ships that have been sent out to give medical care & to share the gospel. There’s also a Discipleship Training School & Bible Core Course going on throughout the year. There is much more to it, but I’ve only been here for 3 weeks and I’m still learning about what goes on here.

I’m really glad I came here. After I came back from Europe, I procrastinated packing til the last day. I had doubts. But I held onto hope that this was an open door, one that Jesus was holding wide open for me. An opportunity I’d be so happy I took, years down the road. But still, I freaked out at the airport. Stressful journal entries at it’s finest! But, being here, I know it’s important that I came. Even if it was just an exercise of following my heart, it’d be worth it.

I’ve been surrounded with new friends, inspiring people, beautiful sunsets (!!!), endless swimming, and a place to do photography & writing that serves a bigger purpose. More fun things: I got a nice surprise from The Waters! It was really nice and a comfort to spend time with people from home. & a few times since I’ve been here God has given me little crumbs that let me know I’m in the right place. For example, I’ve run into people who I met in Paris here. They happen to be leaders at the YWAM Kona base & the prayer he prayed for me is one that’ll stick with me for awhile. Another cool connection is my roommate is also a volunteer in Comms here & she did the same DTS in Germany as me, just a year later. So it’s fun connecting with her about people we both know and how we had similar experiences.

Some people back home have been praying for me while I’m here, and I can really feel it. I really value it, so if you’d like to be added to the “pray for Sarah club”, please join!

Some things you could pray for:

  • Direction on what to do next after I leave here December 10th. I’ve been being intentional about praying for a word from God about this. I know we have our choices, but I have a dream of hearing a word from God, however He wants to say it, about what to do next. & for me to actually obey it! I’m expectant and excited to hear from Him. This can range on a scale from things being revealed in my heart in a natural way or a sign falling from the sky.
  • That I get to swim with wild dolphins.
  • Strong friendships & connections.

That’s it. If you read all this, you are the real deal. I love you. Thank you, Mahalo!

3 thoughts on “Aloha

  1. Wild dolphins! Wow. I’m gonna pray for that one🙏🏼 God is on the watch even now. I know He’s bringing what your need to ‘hear’ & will give you the grace and faith to take the next steps.
    Proud Mom😘


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