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Is Splendorific a Word?

If you jump, I jump. That’s the kind of leap it was. I thought I waited too long; that my count to ten was too slow. But the pacing was perfect. & when I did jump, the splash was bigger than expected. Because it wasn’t just me jumping in.

Thinking back on my time in Hawaii, the main thing I think is Jesus is so good! I thought I had waited too long to go, that I should’ve gone 2 years ago when I was invited. But the timing was perfect. And all the things I was freaking out or worried about, he took care of them. And he didn’t just take care of them, he added specifics. It was like he didn’t just give me an ice cream sundae, he gave me my favorite toppings as well. That’s super cheesy, but that’s what it felt like.

I have another experience under my belt that proves I can trust him.

I have another reason to be thankful and praise Him! I am more convinced now that ever that I want to follow Jesus, with everything.

beautiful surrender in his beautiful splendor

here’s some extra memories from my phone:

Thanks for looking at my photos! Hawaii is one of the most extravagantly beautiful, colorful, and unique places I’ve been. It was heaven to take photos. Until next inspiration hits!!

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