Take a Walk

There used to be a time when I would try to take pictures of my sister and she wouldn’t want me to. Once I convinced her, the photos always turned out beautiful and have become some of my favorite photos I’ve taken. But every time, it took many “pleases” before she gave in. It was a phase that maybe only lasted a year, but I remember!

Things have changed. I’ve taken her family photos twice now, her birth photos, maternity photos..I love it! She asked me to do a photoshoot just for fun, wearing some new things she’s excited about. It had been awhile since I did a fun, fashion-y, artsy photoshoot & I loved it. Here are some photos at the marsh in Arcata, featuring Bethany & Darlene.

If you want to know about her outfit (which I’m sure you do because it’s pretty cool)
Sweater: Free People
Dress: Lovestitch Clothing
Boots: Born
Hat: Gigi Pip
Backpack: Fawn Design
Earrings: sea to seed

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