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Europe pt. 1

I got the last of my 35mm film from Europe back today! This is part one of a collection dear to my heart.

Greece, Italy, France, Portugal, & Ireland.

July 21st – September 16th.

Two girls, ready for adventure.

Three rolls of film.

One camera.

Syros, Greece

Syros was described to us as the island Greeks go to vacation. Our main reason for picking it was because it was one of the most affordable. While tourists are going to places like Mykonos and Santorini, we went to the less crowded and less touristy island. But it was just as beautiful! Our host Diana drew us a map of the island and gave us detailed advice about where to go and how to spend our days. I felt like we almost got to see the whole thing, just by walking and catching buses & taking Diana’s advice. Even though it’s an island, I didn’t feel landlocked or get island fever once, unlike how other islands have that effect on me. It’s just a special place where they make you feel like you belong, from the moment you step off the ferry.

Napoli, Italy & Amalfi Coast

Rome, Italy (part 1)

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I remember being in one of the best moods on the whole trip here. I could roam the streets of Rome for days. Also, this was the first location we went where I had been previously, 7 years before. We got to revisit my favorite spots & spots that deserved to have a new memory created in their place. It was such a joyous day of sunny disposition and redemption.

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