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Europe pt. 2

Rome (pt. 2)


I wish I had taken more photos of Tuscany! We were there for about 5 days, but a lot of time was spent soaking up the city without my camera or taking naps in the garden. I’ll write some memories to create more images than just 2.
The first day was the most memorable. The bus dropped us off far away from the city or any neighborhood, in the heat of the day. My back was hurting from the previous night’s hard bed & miles walked in Rome. We had to walk a mile up a steep road with our heavy backpacks to find the hostel. This didn’t deter our spirits though! We made jokes and funny videos on the way up and shouted about how beautiful the view of the country was. We grabbed walking sticks and felt like true voyagers. Once we arrived, the water the soft spoken Italian (we noticed people in this region spoke in a gentle way) gave us was the best water I have ever tasted! We checked in, wiping sweat and gulping the precious water. We quickly drank the whole jug.
Then, that night, we walked down the big hill in search of wine. (Found out later the hostel served wine.) My back was killing me, so I stopped halfway and turned around, trusting Jess to complete the mission. My back ached, the sun was hot, the incline was steep. I told myself if someone in this small village offers a ride, I’ll accept. Sure enough an elderly man motioned me to get in. I figured if he was bad news, I could manage. I mean, he was at least 85.
Turns out he was slightly bad news..leaving his hand on my knee 5 seconds too long and then touching my face when I got out of the car. I was definitely uncomfortable & wishing I could fast forward to when I was out of the car, laughing about this creepy old man years later. The only damage he really did was make me want to wash my knee.
That night, when Jess came back with the wine, a group of others staying there said we should all drink wine together in the garden. So, our first night in Tuscany, sitting in those plastic lawn chairs that remind you of church functions or bbq’s..we watched the sunset with our new friends and exchanged stories. The drinks bled into dinner, which was pasta prepared by older Italian women. This was the pasta we had searched for in Rome but came up empty handed and full bellys of less than satisfying spaghetti. Just like the water earlier that day, it was the best pasta I’ve ever tasted!
The long table filled with hostel guests and staff felt like family. The only thing disappointing about the night, other than the creepy old guy, was that there wasn’t more pasta.
There were more nights like this at the hostel near Florence. More nights of the “best pasta ever” and friends that the long table formed into family.


Thanks for looking 🙂 More to come!

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