What’s Next for Me

1st pic: right before my Europe trip in July.
2nd pic: getting back from Hawaii in December.
Both in San Francisco, both probably wondering what is ahead of me.

Well after volunteering for YWAM in Hawaii, I knew I wanted traveling and helping people to be my lifestyle. Some stuff on my heart: I was praying about joining a team in Italy & was hoping for a missions trip to India this fall. But to do these things I knew I needed to make a practical plan. I wanted to figure out a way to be a consistently self-funded “missionary” of some sorts. Shortly after I got home the idea of doing something in the medical field came up. So, I’m going to pursue it! It involves helping people AND traveling. Specially, I’ll be going to San Francisco, a place of beginnings and ends for me, to get trained to be a phlebotomist. I nervously laugh every time I tell someone this. I never saw this coming.

Some other wonderful coincidences: I’ll be living in a YWAM during the class; a place I was sad to leave but seems to keep coming back into my life. Going to India this year didn’t work out for me, but I’ve been working at the only Indian restaurant in town!! Loving it. & as for Italy, I’m still praying about going and volunteering for a bit there. I’m leaving for the class tomorrow! This is so funny & unexpected & exciting & yet another adventure I get to do!!

That’s it, my exciting news! I don’t know what to expect, anything medical is new and foreign to me. But I pray it gets me closer to my goals ❤

One thought on “What’s Next for Me

  1. So proud of you and God is your partner so it will all work out for His glory and your good. Hope is your window and it’s looking great😘

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