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Last weekend, I took a bus, then a train, then a bus from Herrnhut to Berlin. My friends picked me up and we had a great weekend of looking at beautiful stuff and catching up getting to know each other better. You can always look up Berlin and Potsdam to see buildings and the sites..and… Continue reading Potsdam//Berlin

Photography · Traveling · YWAM, Germany

Saturday in Dresden

On Saturday 4 girls from my building and I went to Dresden! It was so beautiful and fun. Dresden was bombed and there are still some buildings that are black in parts because of the bomb, the rest being restored in 2007, or something like that. Thank you to the best travel buddies ever, I'm… Continue reading Saturday in Dresden

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Another Adventure [night blogging about the future]

I've only been on one big, life-changing adventure so far (one is a pretty good number for a 19-year-old) but now I am set up for the next big thing...I'm going to school in Germany!! I never ever dreamed of going to Germany. I never even thought of traveling as a passion until a year… Continue reading Another Adventure [night blogging about the future]